Security Services

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Executive Protection

We take an Intelligence Based approach ensuring our celebrity and VIP clients are never face to face with a threat.  We also provide “Estate” security. 

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Hotel Security

Dark Horse Protection brings over 15 years of robust experience in hotel security, offering unparalleled safety solutions. We provide a blend of proactive strategies and rapid response, ensuring your hotel remains a secure haven.

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Event Security

Dark Horse Protection specializes in personal security, employing a team of skilled professionals with law enforcement and military backgrounds. With their expertise in low and high-risk environments, they provide top-tier protection services, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals, granting them a sense of security in any situation.

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Uniformed Guard Services

Dark Horse Protection offers top-tier corporate and private security solutions provided by a team of experienced professionals with law enforcement and military backgrounds. Their comprehensive services cater to both corporate entities and private individuals, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind in any environment or situation.

Private Investigation by Dark Horse Protection

Fire Safety Training

Dark Horse Security offers comprehensive Professional Fire Safety Training designed to equip your team with essential skills to prevent, manage, and respond to fire emergencies. Certified experts deliver hands-on training using the latest equipment, ensuring you meet compliance standards while fostering a safer workplace environment

Off-Duty Police

Dark Horse Protection offers expert off-duty police officer services, ensuring unparalleled security and safety. Our highly trained, experienced officers provide top-tier security solutions for personal, event, and business needs.  


Dark Horse Protection provides premium security consulting services, delivering tailored strategies for risk management and business security. Our expertise ensures an effective, personalized approach to your safety needs.

Defense & First Aid Training

  • CPR / AED (American Heart Association)
  • 1st Aid (American Heart Association)
  • Verbal De-escalation Skills
  • Self Defense and Personal Safety

Safety first.

Dark Horse Protection prioritizes a safety-first approach in all aspects of their services. With a team of experienced professionals, they conduct thorough risk assessments, implement robust security measures, and follow industry best practices to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients. Their commitment to safety is unwavering, making them a trusted choice for comprehensive and reliable protection solutions.

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